As education has moved online, it has created a number of challenges for parents and administrators alike. The challenges will vary depending on the age of the student. For the youngest, key challenges include facilitating secure access to resources i.e. how can you let young children access systems when they can’t remember username and password combinations. For older children a key challenge is ensuring they are aware of the dangers of online activity be that accessing inappropriate content or sharing sensitive data. For parents and guardians with kids far more savvy than themselves, having visibility and transparency as well as being able to offer real-time protection to your dependents is crucial. And who wants to be negotiating with internet giants to recover unexpected in - app purchases from over zealous kids.

The following resources highlight the issues and help showcase some of the latest innovations, that help ensure young people can benefit from the advantages of online learning without suffering from some of the major issues we all face.

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Clever’s new badges help k-2 students access apps on its education platform

Education technology company Clever has created a simpler way for students in K-2 classrooms to log into their computers, a process that it says will cut down on the time teachers have to spend before actually diving into the day’s lesson plan. Called Clever Badges, it lets students take physical badges and scan them with the computer’s camera to instantly gain access.

Think it’s hard to remember your passwords

Keeping track of passwords is a challenge at every organization. But it’s especially challenging in schools, where teachers can find themselves spending valuable computer lab time helping young students reset their passwords for various learning apps.

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