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Have you ever stopped to reflect about your own online identity? In many instances it consists of a username and password credentials married to data you have provided as part of a sign up process (or inadvertently if you have used social sign on to access a 3rd party site). What if you could take control of your online identity back?

The following articles and blogs help you to understand more about managing your own identity. Much like companies are now very accepting of employees bringing their own devices to work, perhaps bringing your own identity will be commonplace before too long.

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25+ ways to manage your online identity

There is nothing more important online than your identity, and nothing more annoying than when someone finds a way to steal it. This list comprises 25+ tools to manage your reputation, officially sign documents, aggregate your social network IDs and more.

The role of identity on the internet is key

“The question of the role of identity in the internet is absolutely key and has risen to public consciousness for so many different reasons.” These were the words of Kim Cameron, architect of identity at Microsoft and opening keynote speaker at ISSE Conference 2016 in Paris today.

How to think about privacy and managing your online identity

How should you manage your online identity in an era in which all your communications and activities are being tracked both online and offline? First, realize that you don’t control your online identities. An identity is bestowed on you as part of a process that is controlled by an entity with whom you have a relationship, e.g., a bank, government, or social network. Second, be mindful of what you say and do online. It’s all discoverable.

Identity fraud: how to protect yourself

Identity theft affects as many as 1.8million Britons a year and, worryingly, some people are even paid to rifle through your rubbish. We take a look at ways you can protect yourself from being the next ID victim…

Whom do you trust to manage your identity assets?

My recent article about online identity, “How to Think about Privacy and Managing Your Online Identity” discussed the fact that we don’t own our identities, as they are simply identifiers inside processes that we don’t control. My proposition was that because we can’t control the processes that control our identities, we only have limited scope for control.

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